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Bruno Vanoudenhove Fine art Painter, Chicago, Barrington, Illinois

As an artist, Bruno Vanoudenhove uses his photographic background to create photorealistic portraits in black and white acrylics. Having traveled through many European cities, Bruno, through his paintings, shares his love for the beautiful symmetrical designs of historical architectural monuments. When he first arrived in the United States, he was awed by the tall buildings which were like a garden of Larkspurs, blossoming out of the beautiful lake that stood before them. He marveled at how this concrete “garden” of magnificent buildings created a skyline that integrated both form and function; yet, ebbed and flowed with nature. He transformed his love for well- known Chicago landmarks into intense and elegant art works.

Bruno was born in Belgium; he was introduced to photography 15 years ago. He has honed his photographic skills by an array of classes and by following the forever-evolving world of photography. Bruno attended photography, drawing and painting workshops and art classes at Harper College and the Harrington School of Design. Presently, he is engaged painting famous Chicago land structures.



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